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Mobile Tertiary Crusher

It is the most important part of the Stone Crushing and Screening plants. These machines, which can be used as sand machine or secondary crusher according to the business requirements, are produced in different capacities and presented to the the customers. All of our mobile crusher types are specially designed with European Union Standarts and manufactured with great care by our company. The mobile tertiary crusher plant, which includes the feed system, tertiary crusher, vibrating screen and conveyor belt systems, can fulfill many functions with a single system, which enables companies to save space, time and cost. Moreover, all your operations are carried out in a single facility. These superior feature facilities are ideal for construction, mining and stone quarry operations. It has all the features of a mobile crushers, such as installation in a short time, reliable performance and convenient maintenance, high performance work in tight spaces. As Fabo, we are in the service of all assembly, disassembly, transport, maintenance and spare parts services of our products.  In the event of a minor malfunction or business interruption we are giving 24/7 support so that businesses can continue their uninterrupted service. At the same time, Mobile tertiary crushers are also called sand machines and dust machines in the sector. Fabo Company, which is among the leaders of the sector, aims to provide the best service and best equipments to its customers. Please contact us for best solution and best price!

Mobile Vertical Shaft Crusher Plant

Mobile vsi crusher plant is used for crushing of materials with high abrasiveness. Mvsi series are the preferred machines for hard type stones and rocks such as basalt, granite, dolomite gabbro etc. These crushers, which perform the same performance as stationary crushers, has much more advantages than the fixed plants. Mobile crushers, which can work with high performance as fixed crushers, provide more advantages with their ability to be transported, ready for use in a short time and trouble-free in all terrain conditions. All of our crusher types are suitable for today’s technology, have a modern looking and usefull mobile crushers which have CE certification that symbolizes compliance European Union Standards. These machines, which are generally used for obtaining sand and gravel, can crush down any size of material to 0,5 mm. Mobile vertical shaft crushers that works with the principle of hitting stone by stone provides low electric usage and it is effective in saving money by providing high production capacity. The facility, which is gathered on a single chassis, can be transported to another location with only one truck head and will be ready to use in a short time. The mobile plant, which consists of hydraulic units, can be easily disassembled and repaired in case of a fault and can be reused. Fabo company, which is one of the leading names of the sector, provides uninterrupted service besides its customers in after-sales assembly, de-assembly, transportation, repair, maintenance, cleaning and spare parts services.


Our company, which supplies all the machines needed in the sector, is one of the first choices of companies that want to rise in the field in a short time. To know the most profitable way and get detailed information about our products do not wait and get in touch with us!

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