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Primary Impact Crusher PDK-70
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Primary Impact Crusher

Fabo Primary Impact Crushers lower the secondary crushing requirement, provides a high level of reduction ratio and help to increase the plant production capacity to its highest level while processing materials with moderate or low abrasiveness. These machines are produced in two different types according to usage, mobile and stationary with capable of crushing 200 to 900 tons per hour according to the desired performance.

The impact crusher is used for many type of applications and it plays a key role in the mining and construction industry. It has a body which is separated to two parts. Crusher maintenance is simple and also possible to change weared pieces after completely open the upper part with help of hydraulic pistonts. Primary Impact Crusher is composed of a rigid and durable rotor, over-sized bearings, a hydraulic mono-block feed plate, a large feed opening, and hydraulic pistons that provide continual crushing force.

The cubic and crushing ratio of these machines are extremely high. Primary impact crushers produced with different capacities according to the requirements and All of it based on the same working principle. Our products, which are designed in accordance with European standards, are produced from raw materials that are friendly to the environment and human health.

Fabo Company, which has taken its place as a required company in this sector, is always ready at service for you about the Primary Impact Crushers. You can have detailed information about our unique products by contacting us and discover our years of experience. By choosing us, you can start one step ahead of your competitors and you can be among the leaders of your own sector as we do in our field.

Advantages of Primary Impact Crusher:

  • High Capacity and Performance
  • Easy operation and quick maintenance
  • Heavy duty type bearings
  • Inner surfaces of the crusher is coated with wear resistant lining plates
  • Hammers and roof crushing plates are manufactured from high manganese steel casting
  • Adjustable back and side liners
  • Monoblock rotor design with high inertia

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