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Our Jaw Crushers generally crushes 150 tons to 900 tons of stone per hour, according to their capacity. If you ask we can manufacture a special, higher-capacity jaw crushers as well. The jaw crushers are generally used to crush the hardest rocks such as basalt, granite, and gabbro. With its strong and durable jaw structure, it has been one of the most preferred crushers of the mining industry for many years. With jaw adjustment you can get the desired product and desired capacities very well. It can be easily adjusted by its hydraulic pistons. The side liners of our jaw crushers have been made from chrome alloyed steel castings, through this advantage it provides much more durable against abrasion.

The jaw crusher is specially designed to crush even the most difficult materials. With its short installation time, low cost and easy maintenance features, this type of primery crushers are ideal for every budget businesses.

The jaw crushers are used efficiently in the mining industry are effective for basalt, iron, river stone, bauxite, limestone, manganese, ore etc. All of our specially manufactured crushers are produced in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with European standards.

Our company, which is sensitive about human health and safety, does not give any substance or application harmful to human health in all its products. These jaw crushers which you can safely use for years, has been reinforced to the impacts, and could be used as primary or secondary according to your needs. Our company which is always beside the customers even in the toughest times With uninterrupted support 7/24 with service of assembly, disassembly, transport, repair, maintenance and spare parts services of our products, ensures customers are able to continue their business smoothly.

Our experts at any time will answer any questions you may have on the project, your product, our services, using technologies, developing products and so on and so forth.

Our technical support is ready to answer your questions by phone or e-mail.


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