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MEY 1230 Mobile Screen And Washer
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Mobile screening washing and crushing plants are facilities that can perform all the functions of fixed stone crushing and screening facilities. These plants, which are effective at achieving high performance with the advantages of being mobile, are widely used in the stone crushing sector. These machines provide ease of use especially in rugged fields and in areas where fixed crusher plants can not be installed and it can perform all the functions of the stationary crushing screening and washing plants. Fabo Company, one of the leading names in the sector, manufactures a variety of facilities with 3 different features. These facilities, which are used in different areas, are diversified according to their function characteristics and number.

The mobile screening plant has single function which is a work machine used only for the separate of undesirable materials. In MEY series, which have two functions, screening and washing operations are carried out with a single facility. These facilities, which ensure that the materials in the facility are firstly eleminated of undesirable substances, In the next step the muddy and mossy materials are washed and cleaned. MEYK serie has the most function type that can perform of crushing, screening and washing process with a single system. All of our mobile plants manufactured in accordance with European standards have an easy installation, disassembly, transport, maintenance and repair. If there is any issue during after sales, you can call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and find a solution for your problems.

Fabo company, which is among the leaders in the screening industry, shows the same care in mobile plants as well. To get more information about our durable and powerfull machines you can reach us 24/7 by our contact details. You can contact our company and get detailed information about our durable and powerfull machines which serve with the highest efficiency even on the most difficult natural conditions for many years.

FullStar Series (Crushing, Screening and Washing)

It’s mobile and has 3 functions at the same time. Crushing, Screening also washing processes are done without any problem. Do not pay high costs to separate facilities, try our special production facility which do all in one that 3 stages.

MEY Series (Screening and Washing)

Our Screening and Washing plants designed mobile and have 2 functions at the same time. Both screening and washing could be done without any problem.

ME Series (Screening)

Our screening plants designed mobile and have a single function. It eliminates undesired materials without any problem.

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