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Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Stationary concrete batching plant is ideal for businesses with a certain working area. These products, which are used by companies in need of ready-mixed concrete to meet their needs, are frequently used in large projects that will last for many years.

Stationary concrete batching plant has different types according to the operating needs. They are classified according to their production capacity and can produce an average of 30 to 200 m3 concrete per hour. We see the superior success that our company has provided for stone crushing and screening facilities in its concrete plant services too. FABO concrete plants provide higher efficiency than normal concrete plants.

Concrete Plant

If you want to achieve even more performance as a company, optional Twin-Shaft mixer can be added. By adding different types of mixers with the stationary concrete plants produced by our company, ready-mixed concrete products with a different and wide usage area can be obtained. Our products, designed in accordance with European standards, are produced from materials that are friendly to the environment and human health. Our company, which is among the leading names in the sector, provides uninterrupted service to its customers in after-sales assembly, disassembly, transportation, repair, maintenance, cleaning and spare parts services.

We aim to provide the most efficient service by delivering all kinds of spare parts needs of our construction machines, which are carefully produced by our engineers, to our customers as soon as possible. Fixed concrete batching plants shaped according to the demands of the customers, the conditions of the land to be established and the desired yield are sold by our company with a 1-year warranty. With its short-term installation and low cost features, it is among the choices of businesses from every budget.

Advantages of Stationary Concrete Batching Plants:

Leaving behind many companies established to meet ready-mixed concrete needs across the country and being among the leaders, FABO is also at the top in stationary concrete batching plant production and sales. You can get support from our company in order to buy quality construction machines in the most advantageous and economical way and avoid problems in long-term use, you can call us for fixed concrete plant prices.

  • Fabo Concrete Batching Plants produce more concrete due to their high capacity.
  • Possibility of obtaining the best quality concrete with automation system (computerized control).
  • Opportunity to obtain various types of concrete with the extra mixer option.
  • Low cost, easy maintenance and stabilized working opportunity.
  • Our stationary concrete batching plants are designed and manufactured in accordance with CE standards.