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Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Mobile concrete batching plants are a type of concrete batching plants. One of the biggest advantages of mobile concrete batching plants is that it is portable. It is a type of concrete batching plant suitable for short-term use and it can be transportable very easy.

In mobile concrete plants, aggregate bunkers, cement silo, mixers, feeding bands, weighing belts, aggregate bucket equipment are completely available.. In mobile concrete plants, the materials fed into the Aggregate bunker are distributed to the chambers on demand. Aggregate compartments can be made optionally. Increasing the number of bins into the aggregate bunkers increases the variety of materials to be processed or production capacity. The material in the aggregate bunker is transferred to the aggregate bucket or into the transfer conveyor belt in determined amounts. There are two types of systems, bucket system or conveyor belt type system. Materials transferred by bucket or belt are filled into mixers. Mixer selection is determined according to the material to be processed, capacity and efficiency. Mixer types are as follows;

-Twin shaft mixer

-Planetary mixer

-Pan mixer

-Single shaft mixer

The materials that are mixed well in these mixers are transferred to the truck mixer after they become concrete.

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