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What is Mobile Crusher?

mobile-crusher-plants-faboNowadays, especially large materials extracted from quarries are being used for road and building works. However, before using these materials should be crushed and reduced to the desired dimensions. Materials can be prepared in desired size in a very short time.With machines which are called Crushing and Screening Plants. The crushers provide great convenience nowadays, with the features that can break and shred, no matter how hard the material is.

The crushers are designed according to the type, size and rigidity of the material to be broken, while at the same time they exhibit different properties according to breaking methods and breaking speeds. The most preferred of the crusher plants which have a lot of usage area is the mobile crusher models of the carry type. These machines provide ease of use especially in rugged fields and in areas where fixed crusher plants can not be installed. It can be easily used with the advantage of easy transport as well as quick installation through hydraulic feet. Through a single man all system could be operated with full automation system. These features, which considerably reduce the cost, give advantage to the Mobile Crushers. The mobile crushers with the primary impact crusher feature ensure that even the largest rocks can be crushed in a short time with its technical features. Primery impact crushers have a higher capacity when instead to other models.  To mention briefly about the operation of mobile crushers; the materials poured from the top of the crushers, into the spinning wheel are broken in the rotating wheel. The crushed material is discharged from under the cabin. The process can be repeated several times  to obtain the desired size of material.

With the introduction of technology into our lives, the crushers who have entered our lives have made stone crushing, one of the most difficult operations of the mining industry, after all these became very easy. Stone crushing and screening processes, which were carried out in very difficult conditions and require great human power, are now made very easy.