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Turbomix-150 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Turbomix-150 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant has a production capacity of 150 m³/h. The mobile concrete plant gets its mixing power for ready-mixed concrete production from a 4,5 m³ capacity twin shaft mixer.

The twin shaft mixer has a manual and automatic lubrication system. The grease lost during intensive use of the mixer is replenished from grease fittings located separately for each section. In this way, routine maintenance of the mixer can be easily carried out by a personnel.

The concrete plant, designed perfectly for ready-mixed concrete production, has a full automation system. Thanks to this feature, the operation of the mobile concrete batching plant is carried out by a personnel via the control panel. With the automation system, concrete can be produced in accordance with the concrete recipe.

With its compact design, it is the number one solution partner for customers who produce high-capacity ready-mixed concrete in limited construction sites.

Turbomix series mobile concrete batching plants can be transported by a truck. In this way, transportation operations of the concrete plant are carried out with minimum cost.

Turbomix-150 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Equipment

1- 4 x 30 m³ Aggregate Bunker

2- Aggregate Weighing Bunker

3- 4,5 m³ Twin Shaft Mixer

4- 1000 Liters Water Weighing Bunker

5- 2000 Kg Cement Weighing Bunker

6- 2×50  Kg Additive Weighing Bunker

7- Cement Silo

8- Automation System

150 m³/h
Production Capacity

4,5 m³
Twin Shaft Mixer

4x30 m³
Aggregate Bunker

2x100 Ton
Cement Silo

TURBOMIX-150 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Technical Specifications

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