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FTC-300-s Mobile Cone Crushing Screening Plant

FTC-300-s Mobile Cone crusher

FTC-300-s Mobile Cone crusher; The plant produced using Belted/Tracked, Apron Feeder, Cone Crusher, Generator and Stock Bands. Thanks to its automation system, the system can be easily operated by one operator. The system completes successfully all breaking and movement commands given by the operator in difficult construction sites and rough terrains.

It does not require any infrastructure requirements.

FTC-300-s Mobile Cone crusher does not need any infrastructure requirements, thanks to tracked structure, the plant can work in all difficult construction sites.


215 mm
Maximum Feeding

1500x3200 mm
Vibrating Screen Size

42.000 kg

500 kVA

Nominal capacity in tph (mm) with crusher operating in CSS

Crushing ChamberMaximum Feed8101316192225323844
EF38 With a setting of 100-125, 80% it is thinner than 6-7.5mm.


Crusher Type Cone Crusher
Power 500 kVA
Vibrating Screen Size1500 x 3200 mm
Weight 42.000 kg


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