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TK 130 Tertiary Crusher

  • TK 130 Tertiary Crusher can be used as secondary or tertiary crusher in plant. That is used successfully in materials of limestone, alluvium and quarry.TK 130 Tertiary Crusher works according to the principle of high-speed impact to the material. The material which gives into the machine from the feeding mouth sent at high speed to linings on the adjustable pendulum by pallets. This process is continually being extended, then provided breakage of the material; so that high proportion of fine material is obtained.TK 130 Tertiary Crusher rods which are connected to pendulum are adjustable. Process of closing or removing to the rotor is made by hydraulic pistons easily and be carried out to adjust for the desired material.One of the most important features of this machine; direction of rotation of the rotor can be reversed upon request or periodically. Thus, abrasion of the rotor pallets will be bidirectional and provides a longer life of pallet.TK 130 Tertiary Crusher never let you down with high-performance and durable construction!
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