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PRO-90 Mobile Crushing Plant

PRO Series Mobile Crushing and Screening Plants are produced to carry out the crushing and screening process of soft and medium hard production materials. It gets its crushing power from a high-speed turbo impact crusher. Thanks to the impact crusher, it crushes the production materials and brings them to the desired fractions.

PRO-90 Mobile Crushing Screening Plant Parts

Feeding Bunker: It is the system responsible for transferring the products to the turbo impact crusher. It gains vibration capability with vibro motors.

Wobbler Feeder (Optional):  Wobbler feeder seperates the products coming from the feeding bunker from materials such as sand, dust and mud and ensures that a clean prdouct is sent to the turbo impact crusher. The products seperated in the wobbler feeder are transferred to the stock area with a bypass belt and are generally used as filling material.

Turbo Impact Crusher: The turbo impact crusher forms the heart of the mobile crusher plant. It crushes the products by hitting the rockers with a high-speed rotor.

Vibraitng Screen: Vibrating screen is the system responsible for classifiying the products crushed in the turbo impact crusher into different sizes and transferring them to conveyor belts. It has 4 screen mesh sizes determined according to customer requests, so that the final product dimensions of the crushing and screening plant are in the size desired by our customers.

Hydraulic System (Optional): The hydraulic system is a system that allows the parts in crushing and screening plants to move easily. It allows stock belts to be opened and closed with hydraulic pistons without requiring human power.

Automation System: PRO Series Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant is Controlled by a full automation system. The operating mode of the machine is adjusted thanks to the automation system panel on the machine.

The equipment that forms the basis of the facility, such as crusher,vibrating screen, stock belts, feeding bunker, is controlled by the automation system.

The automation system, which allows you to use the mobile crushing and screening plant in the most efficent way, is prepared with PLC and serves its users with most advanced state of technology.

90-130 Ton/Hour
Production Capacity

500 mm
Maximum Feeding

Ø 1100x900 mm
Impact Crusher Rotor Size

1400x4000 mm
Vibrating Screen Size

 PRO-90 Mobile Crushing Plant Technical Specifications

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