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Fabo Compact-120 Concrete Batching Plant

Minimix-30 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant has a production capacity of 30 m³/h. The mobile concrete batching plant receives its mixing power for concrete production from a 0.5 m³ capacity pan mixer.
The concrete plant, designed perfectly for ready-mixed concrete production, has a full automation system. Thanks to this feature, the operation of the mobile concrete batching plant is carried out by personnel via the control panel. With the automation system, concrete can be produced in accordance with the concrete recipe.

MINIMIX-30 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Equipment
1- 4 x 5 m³ Aggregate Bunker
2- Aggregate Weighing Bunker
3- 0.5 m³ Pan Mixer
4- 200 Liters Water Weighing bunker
5- 300 Kg Cement Weighing bunker
6- 1×20 Kg Additive Weighing bunker
7- Cement Silo
8- Automation System

60 m³/h
Production Capacity

1 m³
Twin Shaft Mixer

4x10 m³
Aggregate Bunker

50 Ton
Cement Silo

TURBOMIX-60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Technical Specifications

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Turbomix-60 Twinshaft Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Our New Generation Turbomix-60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant with Twin Shaft Mixer is available in stock and ready for shipment. It has a total production capacity of 60m3/h, aggregate bunker sizes are 4 x 10 m3 and are totally galvanized, weighing Conveyor belt is also galvanized. With the help of the Transfer Conveyor Belt the material is poured into our 1.2m3 Twin shaft mixer equipped with the latest technology and enabling to our customers the best mixing experience to produce the highest quality of concrete. One more thing that we as company differentiates us from the other companies is that the upper group of the mixer which is consisted from Cement, water and additive tanks we made them galvanized. The other cool thing of Turbomix-60 Mobile Concrete Plant is that a Cement Silo of 50 tons of Capacity is directly integrated into the system, and helps our customers in reducing their cost significantly. We can say clearly, this project is the most compact Mobile Concrete Plant ever produced and is one of a kind.