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CN-100 Cone Crusher

  • Hydroset Control

  • It consists of a powerful hydraulic head that adjusts and supports the main shaft assembly.
  • Adjustment can be made by a person in less than 1 minute.
  • Hydroset control has been successfully used for decades.
  • Reduction Adjustment: Oil is pumped from the oil tank to the hydraulic cylinder and raises the cover until the desired balance comes.
  • Upgrade Adjustment: The oil is pumped back into the tank and the cover is lowered until the balance comes.
  • cn100-cone-crusher
    cc-100 cone crusher

    Automatic Overload Protection

  • It is a safety overload protection device in the hydroset system that allows the lower flap to descend to allow passage of iron scrap and other unbreakable objects. When the unbreakable object passes through the partition, it automatically takes its position.
    The oil is pressurized from the hydroscope cylinder to the accumulator so that the lower cover descends to pass through the observer. The gas press in the collector also allows the oil to return to the cylinder of the Hydroset as soon as the object is removed.
  • Practical Discharge of Crusher Division

  • If there is a sudden power failure while under load, the cover can be lowered so that the breaking chamber can be easily emptied. The concave ring can be rotated to correct the external wear.

    Control Setting Display and Setting

  • An optional remote control indicator system may be provided, if desired. A special hydroset method is used and is compatible with a regulating transducer that is electrically connected to a control set gauge unit so that the crusher setting can be viewed from the control cabin of the plant. Adjustment can be done remotely with controlled pump and valve.